Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow

This is a picture of the frontyard, top of the driveway, taken Sunday morning, November 21. This is why my car is not able to get down the driveway, plus some trees are in the way. Several trees and lots of branches have fallen all over my dad's yard. They sure do make a very loud creaking sound when they break. Fortunately, none fell on the house. It looked pretty but after a few days of snowing and gloomy weather with no sunshine, it wasn't so pretty anymore.

This is a picture of the backyard taken Sunday morning, November 21. It snowed about 1 foot Saturday night. The electricity was out most of the day on Saturday, then it came back on for a couple of hours that evening, then went back off until Tuesday night. I was here by myself, well with 4 cats. They kept me company and entertained. I don't think they liked being in the house all the time. They did go outside and Sampson (1 of the cats) jumped in the snow and tried to catch the snowflakes as they fell. It was really funny. He stopped by the time I got my camera.

Here is a picture of my attempt at making a snowman. This was taken Saturday, November 20. I learned that my red gloves were not made for snow as they leaked red all over the snowman, so I took the gloves off and tried to cover up the red spots. Found a couple of small rocks for the eyes and some pineneedles for the arms. It was too cold outside otherwise I would have taken off my hat to put on him.

Friday, November 19th it started snowing here at my dad's house. Two days after my dad and stepmom left for a cruise. Saturday morning I took this picture of the backyard. It looked pretty that day.

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